Sunday 11 August 2013

Curved Folding | Metal Twins

Continuing the lineage of research on Curved Folding, the AA Visiting School Bangalore series titled HyperThreads explored the subject over an intense 10-day workshop in 2012. Some very cool student projects, a lot of good energy, and finally two super-nice folded aluminium sculptures.


ZHA: Shajay Bhooshan, Mustafa El Sayed, Suryansh Chandra, John Klein
Sasaki & Partners: Chikara Inamura
Populous: Alicia Nahmad
AA DRL: Shilpa Pattar

and the hosts InFORM Architects and InCITE gallery, Bangalore.

The finished sculptures.

Student work: corrupting known Origami tesselations.

Student work: curved folds as structural stiffeners.

Student work: curved folds as structural stiffeners.

Student work: the elegant simplicity of 3 curved folds on a sheet of paper.

Algorithmic method to setup a pipeline with which we could design.

Process video: Convex polygons to developable surfaces.

Design to Production: 15 sheets of aluminium, 3 hours of laser cutting.

Stability: Check.

1am in the studio, and we begin assembly.

Hand foldability: Check.

Hand-folded panels. Simple assembly tools: spanners and screw-drivers.

The first piece coming together.

The tricky last bits: fitting the last screws.

Finished pieces.

Paper models | Metal cousins.

Curvature continuity: Check.

 More eye-candy :)

The team, minus a few.

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